We are happy to announce the summer internship applications below are approved. Congratulations to all these excellent students ! You are encouraged to contact us to prepare the projects.

Note : there is still some space, more review is on-going.

吕澈秋北京师范大学天文系大三/四Searching for the earliest black holes in the Universe
万嘉昕华东师范大学电子信息科学与技术大三/四Wide-field imaging with SKA pathfinder
赵佳华南方科技大学海洋科学与工程大二/三Searching for Gravitational Wave signals using Deep Learning technique
熊浪浪南昌大学光电信息科学与工程大三/四astronomical image reconstruction using compress sensing technique入选大学生科创计划
杜翔宇美国卡耐基梅隆大学电子与计算机工程研一/二Application of Machine learning to separate stars and galaxies
杨恬华南理工大学电子科学与技术大三/四Digital beam forming
王雨蝉山东大学物理学院基地班大二/三Large sky survey with the SKA-low precursor MWA
蒲叶梓青岛科技大学应用物理学大二/三Radio Frequency Interference mitigation and excursion
吴浩然香港中文大学物理系大四Evolution of radio population across cosmic time
Tin-yau YuUniversity of British Columbia物理与天文系大三/四Pulsar search from MWA data
刘奕含华中科技大学物理系大三/四Radio observational study of pulsar nebula
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