1st IAPS Scientific Assembly (IAPS2013)
International Symposium on Planetary Sciences
July 1-4, 2013, Shanghai, China

Background & Objectives
    The 1st IAPS Scientific Assembly - International Symposium on Planetary Sciences (IAPS2013) was held at the Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, July 1-4, 2013, Shanghai, China, which brings together international scientists and engineers to present and discuss the latest results on exploration and science of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Moon, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter..., and seeking life beyond Earth. Topics include planetary geodesy, navigation, remote sensing, atmosphere, ionosphere/plasma physics, magnetic and gravity field, geomorphology, geophysics, geology, petrology, geochemistry, interior physics, Life & Astrobiology, Giant & Extrasolar Planets, etc.

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Sessions & Topics

  • Planetary probes navigation and control (Pingyuan Cui, Ji-Lin Zhou)
  • Planetary Geodesy and Gravity field (Rafael.Kascheev, Oliver Baur)
  • Atmosphere & ionosphere of terrestrial planets (Eliot F. Young, Shuanggen Jin)
  • Planetary systems, Rotation and Fluid dynamics (Ji-Lin Zhou, Gerald Schubert)
  • Science and Exploration of the Moon (Vladislav V. Shevchenko, Kwing Lam Chan)
  • Science and Exploration of Mars (Alian Wang, Long Xiao, Varun Sheel)
  • Science and Exploration of Venus (Eliot F. Young, Wing-Huen Ip)
  • Science and Exploration of the Mercury (Joern Helbert, Kwing Lam Chan)
  • Comparative and Laboratory Planetary Sciences (Long Xiao, Yangtin Lin)
  • Planetary Life and Astrobiology(Athena Coustenis, Ricardo Amils )
  • Giant and Extrasolar Planets Sciences(Roger Yelle, Shuanggen Jin)
  • Future Planetary Missions & Instrumentations (Tatsuaki Okada, Eliot F. Young)

Invited Sessions

  1. Rotational motion and inner dynamics of the Earth, Mars and Moon
    Conveners: Yury Barkin (Russia), Hideo Hanada (Japan), Koji Matsumoto (Japan), S. Sasaki, Jose Ferrandiz (Spain).

  2. New GNSS, VLBI and Laser Ranging Technologies for Lunar and Planetary Science
    Conveners: Vyacheslav Turyshev (JPL, USA), Oleg Titov (GA, Australia), Alexander Gusev (KFU, Russia)

  3. Planetary Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics
    Conveners: Siddan Anbazhagan (India), Kaichang Di (China).

  4. Planetary Environments and Solar wind interaction
    Conveners: Susan Mckenna-Lawlor (Ireland).

  5. Asteroids and comets exploration and science
    Conveners: Jianghui Ji (China), Maria Teresa Capria (Italy).

  6. Dynamics of planetary rings and circumplanetary dust
    Conveners: Juergen Schmidt (Finland).

  7. Exploration of Planetary Systems and Their Habitability
    Conveners: Padma Yanamandra-Fisher (USA).

  8. Laboratory work in support of planetary missions
    Conveners: Joern Helbert (Germany).

  9. Poster-Discussion Session: Imbalance of Nature in Space
    Main Convener and Chair: Vladimir Kontar (USA).
    Description of session: Any things in the Space are unique, unrepeatable, never returned back, etc. All of these are the features of Imbalance of Nature. In the space science are known a lot of phenomenon of the Imbalance of Nature which impossible exactly describe by the traditional balanced logic. We extremely need the New Imbalanced Logic for exactly describe the Nature as is. The Imbalanced Logic should be the main tool for a deeper understanding of nature and the real possibilities of humanity. Space Science was the cradle of the traditional balance of logic. Now Space Science should be the cradle of the new Imbalanced Logic. In this interdisciplinary session will be represent the hypothesis, research, fundamental generalizations and practical applications of the new knowledge of the Imbalance of Nature.

    Free Open Oral Forum-Discussion and Brainstorm: ˇ°Imbalance of Natureˇ±
    Main Convener and Chair: Vladimir Kontar (USA).


  • International Association of Planetary Sciences (IAPS)
  • Shanghai Astronomical Observatory (SHAO), CAS
  • Key Lab for Planetary Science of Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program)(2012CB72000)
  • China University of Geosciences at Wuhan (CUG)
  • International Association of Geodesy (IAG) SC2.6 & SC4.6

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